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No pun is a graphic design studio that offers affordable design work to small businesses and non-profits. With big dreams and little room to spend. An alternative to fiverr logo designs.

If you are running a business, you know how important branding is to your success. If you are not aware of branding, think of it this way: it’s like the first brick in your home’s foundation.


I started a logo business on Fiverr about two years ago. I needed a way to market my freelance design work, and the economy was tough. Fiverr is where you start a small business if you don’t have any money.


When I first started drawing Iron Maiden covers as a kid, I could never have imagined how far I would go without formal training or background in art. I set out to build a career out of doing my art. I am not a hobbyist but an ambitious artist looking to make his ends meet through his talent and capabilities, which developed through an accredited top design college in the US. Offering $5 logo designs won’t cut it.


There’s a great deal of skepticism about Fiverr. It seems as if every designer on every forum has something negative to say about the service.

Fiverr is often referred to as a place where “designers go to die.” When you first see it from a distance, it’s easy to be turned off by all of the low-cost options.


I create custom lettering for a variety of design disciplines. Logos, social, print, web, motion, online, offline, and all points in between. The needs may be as varied as the types of clients. I fully understand the difference between a logo and the accompanying graphic design needed for a logo to be effective. I have spent years studying typography, and I know how to make text ‘work’. I understand color theory, contrast, and how to use it to help your brand rise above the noise. I know the importance of the concept behind your concept.


These skills are the foundation for all my work, and all my work is created using them to form a consistent and thoughtful whole.

I would love to talk about your project!


Take your business to the next level with engaging graphics that get noticed!