Personal Branding for Freelancers


Hey freelancers. There are a lot of us out there.

More so than you probably realize. Unfortunately, we’re not always given the attention we deserve. I understand that it can be difficult to stand out (especially when you’re also working on other things), but I’m here to say that it is possible.

Freelance writers, accountants, marketing consultants, social media managers, and other entrepreneurs just starting out in their freelance careers or needing to rebrand themselves, a professionally designed personal brand is especially important because it reflects who you are.

I design and produce custom graphics to illustrate the experience, expertise, personality, or unique qualities your business can offer. If you’re a freelance writer with detailed knowledge of a specific industry, I’ll create eye-catching graphics that communicate your story. Are you a successful accountant? With a high level of accuracy, I will help convey through sophisticated marketing materials portraying massage that will instill confidence in your audience.

Looking good never felt so good!

Services offered include logo design; graphic illustration; website development/blog management; print production; social media planning; digital distribution strategy. Our focus is on how our creativity and design skills will add value to your life – be it branding for your freelance gig or a one-on-one tailored work for aspiring authors who need a great cover designer to take their dream manuscript from the idea stage to reality.

Every project is customized so every client gets what they need.

Personal branding is all about making a statement about who you are, what you focus on, what your skills are all in one clean look.

I’m a freelancer also. I do branding and design for small businesses with big ideas. I promise to help you build your brand, develop a solid online presence, or uniquely tell your story.

Getting some help from branding experts may not always make sense if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford an expensive design process for branding your company. I work within your schedule and charge a fair rate based on the scope of the projects. I can guarantee that I’ll exceed your expectations. I specialize in logo design/brand identity, social media graphics, email marketing campaigns, websites, and more.