How to Hire a Creative Freelance Graphic Designer in 2021


Things to Consider If You Are Seeking to Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer?

Do you need help designing a logo? Branding social media campaigns, creating a website, or other types of graphic design projects, you have found the right place.

Design It Yourself.

Designing on your own has a huge learning curve. You can get an Adobe subscription and watch tutorials. But who has the time to learn a new trade, plus the additional expense of paying for the software?

I am happy to help get your project completed or share what’s involved with hiring a graphic designer.


Let’s talk about crowdsourcing. Websites like,, and, are fantastic platforms for posting your projects as “design competitions.”

The main drawback is, who has time for all of that? You will get saturated with tons of designs that will require more work from you by giving feedback. And when the contest time ends, you will have to award someone a winner, even if there isn’t a winning design in the bunch.

For a more extensive list of freelance crowdsourcing websites check out this collections of bookmarks.

Hire a Graphic Design Agency

Another way to get help with your graphic design project is to hire a design agency. Agencies are an excellent choice for one reason. They’re fantastic! All of that excellence comes at a price. With no guarantee, who works on your project is the same person that created the incredible work that impressed you.

Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer Directly.

When you hire a freelancer directly, you are working with the actual designer. Sound designers can pick up on what you need with a simple conversation. They don’t need a drawn-out project brief with tons of background information that they wouldn’t read. Hiring a freelance graphic designer gets you direct access to a skilled artisan. They will bring your vision to life or will work with you until you are happy.

Okay, let’s say you are ready to get started. You admit you don’t want to invest in the agency approach nor have the time to post and manage a design contest. You want to hire a freelance graphic designer.

Great!, as a freelance graphic designer, I thank you for making that decision. It’s a smart one.

Pro Tip for Searching for Creative Freelance Graphic Designers

The usual place people start. Google the search term “freelance graphic designer.” Take a gamble on the paid and natural results. A pro-tip for you is Behance. Behance is a portfolio website created by Adobe that showcases tons of great work. Behance is the place where professional graphic designers from all levels post their favorite projects. It is also the go-to place for inspiration. One thing it isn’t known for is talent shopping.

Trial Project

Okay, you have found the perfect designer. Contact them, go on, inquiring about their work will brighten their day. If they respond quickly and seem approachable, tell them about your projects. Instead of jumping right in with your entire workload, start with a small project. With a minimal investment, you have a chance to evaluate them. You experience how they communicate, the input they need to begin working, and what types of creativity they present within a measurable timeframe.

What is great about this approach is;

1) You will get a remarkable piece of artwork for your business

2) You are helping support an artist’s dream of making a living doing what they are passionate about

3) Invaluable trial experience that enables you to track how the two of you work together.

If it isn’t a great fit, move on, repeat this process until you have found the perfect fit. At the same time, you build a network of graphic designers who can deliver outstanding work within a budget you can afford.

I would be happy to be the first trial experience for you. Check out my work on Behance; shoot me a line. I would be honored to have a chance to apply my design skills to solve your business challenges.